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PM (Decaf)

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Our decaf coffee blend is 100% water-processed. It is full-bodied with rich, nutty tones and a balanced acidity.

Roast Level: Medium



4 reviews for PM (Decaf)

  1. Victoria B

    Who would ever think that decaf could be so good?? Had to buy some decaf for house guest & now this is my go to decaf coffee. Just a rich smooth cup of anytime coffee. I have always found decaf to be real bitter but this is fantastic. Thank you BCRC!

  2. Pat

    My husband and I love the PM decaf blend. Neither of us can tolerate much caffeine and this is the perfect coffee for us. I have served it to full fledged coffee drinkers and they never knew the difference. We get the taste without the rush. I order from BCRC all the time.

  3. Pat

    Love this decaf. Great taste and without the caffeine.

  4. jpress50

    This is honestly the best decaf I’ve had yet. I have tried a lot of decafs from different places because I mix half decaf and half regular, and with this one I am getting the perfect cup. Thank you BCRC!

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