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For the love of the wandering, the trees, the granite slopes, and the wild places. For the love of the forest smells and wide-open views. For the love of the creeks, the scree fields, the rivers, the dry mountain slopes, and epic snow-topped peaks. For the love of the mountains and everything that resides therein.

This year’s TOPO is from Peru. It is full-bodied, rich, and delicious while still highlighting some of the brighter notes that make these coffees unique. Like walking barefoot in long grasses. Think high mountain meadows, warm sunshine, and an alpine breeze. It is naturally creamy and delicious. Flavor notes: Black cherry, pipe tobacco, molasses, and a hint of tamarind.


This year’s TOPO label is designed by our friends at Cairn Cartographics . They make some of the very best maps out there and we highly recommend you check them out.



2 reviews for TOPO

  1. Steve Johnston


    Just received my first bag of Topo.
    The aroma is mouth watering! And the flavors are so good!

  2. Matt Goddard

    had to order a second bag after the first cup.. amazing flavor!

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